Friday, 23 September 2011

Japanese occupation Numismatic book

Numismatic book on Japanese Invasion paper currency
Edited by Mr. Wong Hon Sum 黄汉森 ( Singaporean )
Copyright 1996
Print Quantity : 2500 copies
92 pages with colour.


Book content as below

Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) of Malaya

$100 with " Rubber Tapping " Design issue in late occupation

Victory Leaflet " VJ " overprint of JIM

Replicas of " VJ " overprint

Fake Japanese Invasion Money

The Emergency issue of Tawau - North Borneo

The Anti-Japanese Armies Overprint

Counterfeits of $1000 and Specimen notes

The postwar celebratory calender overprint

The demise of the Japanese with their Invasion Currency

Other than above:
- Commemorative Medal of the Japanese Victory.
- Erroneous Japanase Invasion notes.
- Thai note that was never issue.
-  Lottery Ticket of the Japanese Occupation.
- Matchbox Labels on war publicity.