Monday, 13 September 2010

Malaysia 1st series Specimen-RARE

Malaysian First Series Specimen banknotes-Set of 5

Already 1 week plus didn't posting, recently busy for my new home. But tonight a very special and rare notes want to share with you all.
Malaysia 1st Series Specimen banknote Set of 5. Prefix come with A1 000000, actually still have another $1000 (SERIBU) to completed full series, but i don't have opportunity to get it. So only "RM1","RM5","RM10","RM50" and "RM100" scan and attached. Now this notes is not belong to me, already belong to a Malaysian chinese collector few month ago. Don't ask me about the pricing, i only can tell you "unexpected".

How many collector saw these banknote before?
Originally this notes come with 4 hole punch at each corner edge. It is signed by Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali and  the word "SPECIMEN" is stamped in red at both obverse & reverse sides of the banknote.
From the info i know, a specimen banknote issue is for checking whether the design is suitable or not and some specimen printed for distribution other country central bank in the recognition of banknotes.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

BURMA WWII Japanese Invasion Money

One cent
Size : 96mm x 46mm

Five cent
Size : 101mm x 49mm

Ten cent
Size : 106mm x 51mm

 ¼ Rupee
Size : 108mm x 51mm

½ Rupee
Size : 120mm x 58mm

One Rupee
Size : 141mm x 68mm

Five Rupees
Size : 152mm x 72mm

Ten Rupees
Size : 160mm x 77mm

Hundred Rupees
Size : 170mm x 82mm

Japanese invasion money - Burma ( Myammar )
The Japanese invaded Burma in January 1942. They conquered Mandalay on 21 May 1942 forcing the British to retreat into India. The Japanese held Burma until the second Allied campaign of 1944; although an official surrender did not take place until August 1945. In 1942 the Japanese issued paper script currency of 1, 5 and 10 cents and ¼, ½, 1, 5 , 10 and 100 Rupees.

Info from wikipedia

Friday, 3 September 2010

Malaya 1 dollar - Waterlow & sons Ltd

New Collection!
Malaya & British Borneo 1 dollar ( Kapal Layar )
Year : 1959
Signature by Tun Lee Hau Shik
Size : 121mm x63mm
Water Mark : Tiger head
Condition notes : UNC

Notes issue only prefix A, printed less compare with printer TDLR.