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Singapore hunting trip - People Park Centre

Singapore,China Town - People's Park Centre

November 2009
In a same day, i found another banknote selling place in People Park Centre, People Park Centre located in China Town too, by walking around 10 min from People Park Complex.People Park Centre is a medium-sized shopping centre in the heart of Chinatown. Im so lucky, found 3 banknote seller inside. Let take a look inside People Park Centre.


3rd Hunting - People Park Centre Ground floor

Singapore Banknote

I have purchase few old banknote here, price only few Sin dollar, very cheap, a lot of UNC banknote can find from this banknote store.


4th Hunting - People Park Centre 3rd floor

( House of collectibles 收藏之家 )

Come to 3rd floor, i found another banknote shop. Here is a banknote dealer, most is selling in high value banknote. Because the seller not allow me to take photo, so i just simple take few photo outside only. Below is their name card and their wedsite homepage.


5th Hunting - People Park Centre 3rd floor
( William Ng Collections 威廉黄珍藏 )

Guy standing in front is boss - William Ng

The last shop i visit is William Ng Collections. Inside got a lot of world banknote and coins, even Malaysian banknote also got. William Ng is boss of the shop, he is a best seller i meet in hunting day. I told him im from Malaysia, purpose coming for hunting and get some information, he don't mind to share his collection and his collect experience. He work at Kuala Lumpur before, WILLIAM NG COLLECTIONS started after he move back to Singapore. I have purchase few banknote from him, price still can negotiate and reasonable.


After out from William Ng Collections, i have special found in a Holiday agent shop.
40 in 1 Canada 1 dollar uncut banknote.
So now i know, why people call it Lucky money, frame the banknote and hang in your home, shop or office, can bring us good luck.


To China town by MRT

After out from station China Town (NE4), follow direction of maps above to People Park Centre, around 10min from the Exit (NE4) MRT station.

Photo attached is People Park Centre, hope you all will get from my info.



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