~KN Boon (Editor)~
~1 September 2008~
~Kuala Lumpur~

~A complete Educations Refference for all malaysian , brunei and Singaporean Collector.
~Latest 4th edition edit by K N Boon.
~Very detail information,
- Year issue
- Size coins/notes
- Grading Coins/Notes
- Clear photo
- Detail Pricing
- Condition value
- Coins and notes history
- Info start year 1786 to 2008
- Simple and easy understanding.

Total 437 pages, size book ( t27mm X 212mm X 152 )


I am Sam, also can call me Kyken. My posting is not purposely to selling this book, i just want sharing to all of collector or blog reader about this Education Refference book.

What inside the book?

~Coins History and collection start 1786-2008
Sarawak, British North Borneo, Straits settlement, malaysia coinage Intro , 1st paper money of Malaysia, Japanese occupation note, Straits settlement bank note, Malaya and British Borneo, Malaysian series of Note , Singapore of Notes , Brunei of notes...etc

Malaysia Coin collection----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Malaysian commemorate collection

Malaysia Bank Note Collection - Straits settlements


Malaysian series bank note of collection - 2nd series


Malaysia Bank Notes Collection - 7 series


Singapore Bank Note Collection - 1st orchids series 1967 to Polymer series


Brunei Bank Note Collection - 1st series 1967 to Polymer series


Malaya Japanese Occupation Notes - year 1941


~If you are Coins or Bank Note collector , this book is very good refference for you. Because my malaysia collection knowledge and info mostly is come by this book.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. where can i get the book? is there a latest version?

  3. Sam Says:
  4. This book temporary out of stock,from new information, New update Malaysia banknote reference will coming soon. Keep visit my blog, will keep update for yo.

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