Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thailand Banknote Catalogue

Catalog Introducing
The handbook of Thai Banknote is the book which the writer intended to compose to provide details as complete as possible.This catalog is the third time publishing which the writer obtained in addition, more detail and various information. Morever, the writer had added more substance both in the history and events of Thai banknotes, from past to present, expressed various evolution of banknote, general knowledge which will be much benefical for collectors and interested people. As well as pictures of banknote which are very clear and sharp ever since available.

Thai Banknote Catalogue - Complete & Updated Edition by Somchai Saeng-ngern



  1. Collecting Thai banknotes would be a nightmare with so many series.

  2. Malaysian banknote also with a lot of series.
    Collection is from own interest, depend what you like.

  3. where did you buy that Thailand Banknote Catalogue? very neat

  4. The Thailand banknote catalogue i bought from Bangkok.

  5. Hi, may i know the exact place where u bought this banknote catalogue? I want to buy it so bad! I would be very appreciated if you could pm me the details at, thank you so so much!

  6. Jess, check out link below, may be will help you.