Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bahamas specimen banknote-QE II

Bahamas Banknote - Queen Elizabeth portrait
Face Values : Fifty cent ( 50 cent )
Year : 1968
Size : 156mm X 67mm


What is Specimen Banknote?

- A specimen banknote is printed to as a way of checking to see whether or not the design is suitable for putting into full production as a currency issue.

- Sometimes, specimen banknotes are printed for distribution to central banks to aid in the recognition of banknotes from a country other than their own.

- So, a banknote specimen is a real (original) note which is used only for demonstration and to be distributed to banks to know the note before it is issued in the market.

- The quantity is small and distribution is limited so a specimen note is very special .
In many cases specimens are more expensive than issued notes.

- To avoid its use as a legal tender note, it can be perforated, punched, without a serial number or a serial of 000000 (all zeroes), overprinted with the word "Specimen" or "Cancelled" in any language.

Info source from banknoteclub

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