Sunday, 6 June 2010

Singapore Coins and notes Muzeum

Very surprise discover after hunting at Chinatown complex, i found a special signboard "$" beside a seafood restaurant. So i try asking the restaurant waiter and know that on 3rd floor have a Coins and banknotes Muzeum. I look at my watch, time show 7pm, i try go up 3rd floor and see, really surprise for me, the muzeum still open. 2 stuff in charge to serve me, info from the stuff , Singapore Coins and Notes Muzeum manage by Singapore Mint, start organize middle of 2009. Due to coming late, i only take 45 min to look around. Most of the banknotes that muzeum show is only duplicated print out, but the important is currency history. Singapore coins and notes museum Wedsite.
Don't miss a chances to visit, share with me after your visiting. Below is little info guide for you...

Entrance Fee-
Adult 10 sgd
6 sgd for senior citizen(60 year and above) and childen 3-12 year old

Opening time-
10am to 8pm Daily

How to go?-
Address : 2 Trengganu Street, Level 3 ( Entrance at Pagoda Street) Singapore 058456
By Taxi : Drop off at the taxi stand on Temple Street
By MRT : CLOSEST MRT STATION Chinatown ( North East Line)

Muzeum signboard beside seafood restaurant

Muzeum Entry - take lift up to level 3

Souvenir from Muzeum (Muzeum coins)


  1. I visited this Currency Museum recently and to be honest, I was quite disappointed. First of all, the location is just terrible. It's located right in a tourist area just like Petaling Street!! The '$' sign was not displayed on that day and the premises location is just not right. If I didn't know the museum was there, I would not have known. Secondly, not all Singaporean notes were displayed either. Some notes, especially those commemorative were omitted/missing. Thirdly, like you said, not all notes displayed are genuine. Of course his could be due to security reason, after all there is a temptation when one see a S$10,000 real stuff there! And finally, more statistics should be provided for notes issued, which was not. Did you forget to take a picture of that big Yap stone coin at the entrance? LOL! Have fun!

  2. Thanks sharing with us, i have the stone picture, just not attach in blog...