Monday, 12 July 2010

Jersey banknotes 2010

Jersey new complete set banknotes - Same prefix

Jersey new banknotes are being issued on April 2010. The new notes obverse design includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II based on a photograph by Mark Lawrence. The watermark is a Jersey cow, and further security features include a see-through map of Jersey.

Jersey 5 pound banknote
Size : 129mm X 65mm
Colour : Green
Obverse design : Queen Elizabeth II / Liberation Sculpture in Saint Helier
Issued Date : 29 April 2010

Jersey 5 pound  banknote
Size : 136mm X 69mm
Colour : Sky blue
Obverse design : Queen Elizabeth II / Le Rât Cottage
Issued Date : 29 April 2010

Jersey 10 pound banknote
Size : 143mm X 75mm
Colour : Burnt Sienna
Obverse design : Queen Elizabeth II / Hermitage of Saint Helier
Issued Date : 29 April 2010

Jersey 20 pound banknote
Size : 150mm X 80mm
Colour : Violet
Obverse design : Queen Elizabeth II / States Building
Issued Date : 29 April 2010

Jersey 50 pound banknote
Size : 156mm X 85mm
Colour : Red
Obverse design : Queen Elizabeth II /  Mont Orgueil
Issued Date : 29 April 2010


  1. Hi Kyken.
    How much did you get them for a full set?

  2. Wilson,
    Complete set without same prefix, RM650.
    Same prefix cost RM780.

  3. Kyken,

    You better keep an eye on the 100 pounds note to be issued later. Getting the same number to match this set might be hard...LOL!

  4. It will take time to have it.

  5. Where's your specimen set for these notes?

  6. If i not mistake, these specimen set only 200 set be issued.
    Temporary i still haven't plan to get it. May be will consider in future.

  7. That we are not sure yet, but on the bright side, every prefix issued also come with the same prefix specimen. If you can't get AD specimen, you can still get AE specimen when they do the next reprint.

  8. Great information, appreciate...