Monday, 13 September 2010

Malaysia 1st series Specimen-RARE

Malaysian First Series Specimen banknotes-Set of 5

Already 1 week plus didn't posting, recently busy for my new home. But tonight a very special and rare notes want to share with you all.
Malaysia 1st Series Specimen banknote Set of 5. Prefix come with A1 000000, actually still have another $1000 (SERIBU) to completed full series, but i don't have opportunity to get it. So only "RM1","RM5","RM10","RM50" and "RM100" scan and attached. Now this notes is not belong to me, already belong to a Malaysian chinese collector few month ago. Don't ask me about the pricing, i only can tell you "unexpected".

How many collector saw these banknote before?
Originally this notes come with 4 hole punch at each corner edge. It is signed by Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali and  the word "SPECIMEN" is stamped in red at both obverse & reverse sides of the banknote.
From the info i know, a specimen banknote issue is for checking whether the design is suitable or not and some specimen printed for distribution other country central bank in the recognition of banknotes.

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