Tuesday, 25 January 2011



This is a Legal Tender Banknotes in Antigua that convert from East Carribean Dollars to U.S. Dollars at $38.17 for every $100.00 East Carribean Dollars. Each meticulousy detailed banknote is struck in solid Pure 23k Gold and .999 Silver.

Year Issue : 1988
Mintage : 20,000 set ( worldwide )
Size album : 11" x 9"

Complete set (30 sheet gold banknotes) as detail below:
1. Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge
2. Bartholomew Roberts's Royal Fortune
3. Charles Vane's Ship Challenges HMS Buck
4. Stede Bonnet's Sloop Royal James
5. Benito de Soto and the Black Joke
6. Captain George Lowther and the Happy Delivery
7. Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind
8. Captain Edward England and the Cassandra
9. Captain Thomas Cocklyn and the Bird Galley
10. Captain Kidd and the Adventure Galley
11. Captain Henry Avery and the Gang-i-Saway
12. Captain Howell Davis and the King James
13. Captain Edward Low and his Brigatine
14. Jean Laffite and The Pride
15. Sir Henry Morgan captures the Marquesa
16. Calico Jack Rackam and his Merchantman
17. Captain Samuel Bellamy and the Whidah
18. Captain William Taylor and the Victory
19. Francois L'Ollonois attacks Puerto Caballos
20. Captain Thomas Tew and the Amity
21. Anne Bonny Boards John Halman's Sloop
22. Captain Thomas Anstis and the Good Fortune
23. Pierre LeGrand captures the Vice-Admiral's Ship
24. Captain Charles Gibbs's Schooner Maria
25. Admiral Piet Heyn and the Amsterdam
26. Captain Henry Mainswaring and the Resistance
27. Captain Jean Fleury and the Dieppe
28. Easton Attacks on the Newfoundland Coast
29. Bartolomeo the Portugese and his Barque
30. Captain William Dampier and the St. George


  1. Where can I buy this?

  2. May be you can try search in Ebay, as i know the item still available for sell.