Wednesday, 16 February 2011

RM50 Uncut Sheet

Malaysia RM50 polymer 3 in 1 Uncut sheet banknotes
 Commemorative KL 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games
Issued by : BNM
Mintage : UNKNOWN


  1. Its funny because I was just talking about this note with another collector the other day. I was telling them how I think this might be one of the nicest notes that Malaysia has ever produced!

  2. It seems that no one knows the quantity of this sheet printed. Do you know was if this uncut sheet was offered to the public for sale initially? Someone told me that these were printed mainly for BNM staffs. Is that true? I know some of this were used for counter display when the notes were first released to the public. I hope you didn't paid too much for this. Mine only cost me RM250.

  3. Jay, you're right, this might be the nicest notes, i like it so much.

    ME, you get a nicest notes with the low pricing, congratulation.

  4. hi..
    me where can i buy this banknote?
    pls emel me at

  5. Hi tq

    Sorry, I am not a regular here. I can't help you with this 3-Uncut sheet. I only have one myself, and it seem that no one knows how many pieces were issued, nor the issue price.

    Have fun.