Thursday, 19 August 2010

19th Steven Tan Standard Catalogue

19th edition Standard Catalogue of
Malaysia ,Singapore & Brunei Coin and Paper Money
Edited by Steven Tan
Total 318pages
Size book : 186 X 260mm
1#  Catalogue contain Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei banknotes and coins start from 1845 until 2010.

2#  Catalogue writing by English with colour printing. It also have new pricing, issue year, banknotes size and coins mintage for refference.

3#  Catalogue advertise whole M'sia and Sin dealer contact with detail, so collector can simply get the latest info from the 19th Standard catalogue. 


1st edition Standard Catalogue of 
Malaysia , Singapore & Brunei Coin and Paper Money
Published By Internasional Stamp and coin agency
Total 72pages
Size book : 166 X 216mm

1#  No fully complete catalogue with no colour printed.
2#  Content of Malaya and broneo, Brunei, Sarawak and Singapore banknotes and coins.


  1. glad that the book is out now..

  2. What is the selling in Malaysia? And where to buy it?

  3. Coata, you can get it from coins and banknotes dealer in M'sia, or you can search and purchase in Ebay too. Pricing within RM70-RM80.