Friday, 6 August 2010

Israel 20 shekel polymer

Israel 20 shekel polymer banknotes
Year : 2008
Condition : UNC 
Chairman of the Bank sign : Aharon Fogel
Governor : Stanley Fischer

The Bank of Israel announces that from 13 April,  20 sheqel banknotes printed on polymer will be put into general circulation via the commercial banks and the Postal Bank.
The design on the polymer notes is the same as that on the paper notes, except for small changes in the security features. The most notable of these is a transparent window in the polymer notes, as shown below, which is easily recognizable by the public. The window has the number “20” embossed on it.
Front: At right, portrait of Moshe Sharett (1894-1965), the 2nd Prime Minister of Israel. In the background, picture of the ceremony of the unfurling of the Israeli flag at the UN building on May 12, 1949 and the text from the speech given by Sharett on that occasion.
Back: Picture of Jewish Brigade volunteers during WWII and of a pre-State look-out tower. Over the picture, text from Sharett's radio address after his return from a visit to the Jewish Brigade in Italy.

Israel 20 shekel commemorative polymer banknotes
Year : 2008
Condition : UNC

From 13 April the Bank will also issue a limited quantity of 1,800,000 polymer banknotes with a special inscription (in Hebrew) referring to Israel’s 60 anniversary "60 years to the state of Israel".

Info source from Wiki & Bank of Israel


  1. I know that (insert race) hates Israel but they buy Israeli notes.
    Any reasons?

  2. CB,

    Another one with private overprint with the 60th Anniversary of the Creation of the State of Israel.

    Here you can see that (last note)


  3. Ooops,

    Forgot the link; -

  4. ME,

    About the last notes, is private print?
    Issue from Israel banknote?

  5. Kyken,

    Yes, the note is genuine but it has a private overprint on the note. I am not sure if this was authorized but it was done in Israel. I can't read Hebrew, but I would assume it is also referred to the 60th Anniversary for the creation of the State of Israel.

  6. Thanks your useful info, good sharing for Israel notes collectors.