Friday, 2 October 2009

New issue Malaysia RM50 banknote

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4th series - Malaysia New Design RM50 banknote (50th Merdeka Logo)

The earlier new design of RM50 banknote was issued in December 2007 to commemorate Malaysia's 50th Anniversary of Independence. This current series will no longer have the logo of the country's golden jubilee celebrations and will have, enhanced security features.


Malaysia RM50 banknote

4th series - Malaysia New Design RM50 banknote - July 2009

Bank Negara Malaysia announces the issuance of the new design RM50 banknote from 15 July 2009. This new design of RM50 banknote is the first denomination of the Fourth Series of Malaysian currency notes which will be replacing the existing series in stages.


INFO banknote:
The new RM50 banknote, thus incorporates various modern and innovative security features principally aimed at deterring counterfeiting. Members of the public are advised to take note of the security features and design outlined above. The existing design series of the RM50 banknote will continue to remain legal tender and will co-circulate with the new RM50 banknotes as the former are gradually phased out. No time limit has been set on the duration of co-circulation.

The different of invisible marking detect by UV-Lamp
4th series RM50

4th series RM50

-Invisible special marks made with fluorescent ink, that are normally invisible in ordinary light, and shows them up. It is ideal for use with banknotes, credit cards, travellers cheques, stamps and other items with security marks on them.
-At first glance you will find it almost impossible to tell the difference between a genuine or a fake banknote. With useful UV-Lamp checker you are able to detect if the note, credit card or stamp is genuine.


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